What is the DirectionsTo.com.au?

Australia is a vast country, with over 50,000 roads and over 10,000 suburbs. We wanted to start a free directions service that allows you to enter any starting address or location, and find the directions to any destination across Australia. The service is not only limited to Australian residents, it can be used from any location world-wide. It will use auto-suggest to find your chosen start and ending address, you can also search using places, business names, and shopping malls if you are looking to do that.

Distance Calculator in Australia

We make use of an API that generates the directions for your journey, you can view your results on our Map You can also search for suburbs and find popular attractions near each of those suburbs. We have used shape files to capture various locations across Australia, in order for us to display the most up-to-date information in our database. You will also be able to see your travel time, and distance for any journey you calculate.
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